Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weekend Round-Up: Bloodshot Bill, Goodbye K.C. & Whisky

Friday: Due to a problem with the internet at work I got to take off early, which was awesome because it meant I could crack open a couple beers and continue my full frontal assault on my laundry which had been collecting on my floor for the better part of three weeks. Once things were approaching sanitary, I made my way down to the Esco for Bloodshot Bill, a one man rockabilly band.

The opening act was also super fun, they're called The Kid and had a sort of psychedelic 60's sound to them. Also, the lead singer was hilarious in his skinny pants and pointy white loafers. He even let me shake a maraca during Bloodshot Bill's set.

Thing I'm learning is that I need to start being careful going to rock shows by myself. While the attention is certainly flattering, it ends up being distracting to the show. I had no less than three suitors vying for my attention, but I just wanted to get my dance on, which I did.

Saturday: Feeling the effects of my over indulgence, Saturday was a decidedly slow moving affair. L came to pick up the cat around noon, but instead of starting the de-fur-afying of the apartment I went back to bed since my meeting had been pushed to Sunday. At some point I agreed to meet MJ to try to help her with her computer, but slept through the appointed meeting time and agreed that it would be better if I just stayed home.

Made a couple calls out West and then curled up in a blanket and set about catching up on the mound of films piled under my TV. First up was Little Miss Sunshine, which I really enjoyed, but probably not as much as most people. However, it was the perfect antidote to my foul mood, so there was that.

Next up was Sidney Lumet's Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, which while well acted and written, suffered from some technical flourishes that ended up being rather distracting. The nonlinear plotting was fine, but the forced strobing effects used to signal a change in time/perspective were pedantic and useless. Also, Ethan Hawke was so fucking twitchy I wanted to see him hurt, badly, which didn't really happen. At least not enough for my tastes.

Sunday: Another pretty lazy day. Went for my weekly bagel run. Finished off Before the Devil Knows You're Dead and made some calls out West. Tidied up the house a bit and then made my way to the office for my meeting with MJ and Taien. Since MJ is going to leaving for Korea for close to 6 months next week, we needed to have a sit down to discuss who would take care of what. Didn't take too long and afterwards we contemplated going for a drink together when Taien pulled out a bottle of whiskey, so we opted to do that. A few drinks later MJ and I stumbled over to Sago for some sushi and then I walked home. Made some more calls West and started watching the Darjeeling Limited, which I plan to finish tonight.